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Bronze Plaques

An enduring and timeless commemorative symbol, bronze plaques are commonly used to mark the significance of an event, person or physical structure, including someone’s life, the opening of a building or a historical event. The use of bronze plaques for this purpose dates back to Medieval Europe. The Headstone Company creates bronze plaques in Geelong …

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Custom Memorials

Servicing our clients Victoria wide Customised grave memorials for your loved one A custom grave memorial can be a headstone, crypt or mausoleum that has been designed and created based on your wishes. The Headstone Company specialises in helping your say goodbye and memorialising your loved one perfectly. We offer a complete range of memorial …

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A headstone is a traditional grave marker that can be made from materials such as granite, limestone and marble. Headstones can be made into many sizes, colours and styles, often including an inscribed tribute message from the departed’s loved ones. A beautifully crafted memorial headstone is a great way to show your love and affection …

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A monument is a symbolic structure that can be used to commemorate an event or the life of an individual. A grave monument is typically much larger than a headstone and can take many forms, from a mausoleum to a religious statue. The Headstone Company have custom monuments that are available in many different styles, …

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