Embracing serenity at Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Located at 600 Princes Highway, Springvale, Victoria, the Springvale Botanical Cemetery is a place where history, nature, and remembrance intertwine. Established in 1901 and spanning 169 hectares, this world-class cemetery is not just a final resting place but a celebration of life amidst the tranquillity of nature.

A glimpse into nature’s embrace and rich history

Springvale Botanical Cemetery, originally known as The Necropolis Springvale, is a sanctuary where memories are enshrined amidst the beauty of nature. With over 30,000 roses of 300 different varieties, it’s one of the largest cemetery rose gardens in Victoria. The cemetery also features original plantings of bunya pines, palms, and gums, reflecting its botanical significance.

Honouring memories with elegance and dignity

At The Headstone Company, we recognise the importance of commemorating lives in a setting as historically rich and beautiful as Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

Bronze plaques

Our bronze plaques are crafted to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, offering a dignified and lasting tribute to your loved ones.

Custom memorials

Understanding the uniqueness of each life, we offer custom memorials that reflect individual stories and personalities, harmonising with the serene backdrop of the cemetery.


Our headstones are designed with the utmost respect and care, ensuring they stand as a fitting tribute within the picturesque grounds of Springvale.


Our monuments are not just structures; they are artworks that capture the essence of lives lived, set against the natural beauty of Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

Restoration and preservation

In keeping with the pristine environment of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, we offer services in monument and headstone restoration, ensuring that the beauty and integrity of each memorial endure through time.

At The Headstone Company, we are dedicated to providing memorials that not only commemorate lives but also resonate with the tranquil beauty and rich history of Springvale Botanical Cemetery. Let us help you create a fitting tribute to your loved ones in this haven of natural serenity and historical significance.

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