We offer obligation free home visits or at your choice of cemetery

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We offer obligation free home visits or at your choice of cemetery

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We offer obligation free home visits or at your choice of cemetery

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Geelong-based stonemasons creating headstones for all Victoria

Geelong-based experts in the provision of headstones, custom memorials, bronze plaques and monuments

When you are ready to choose the appropriate memorial for a recently-departed loved one, you’ll expect a discreet, professional, yet empathetic service. Our team, here at The Headstone Company, based in Geelong, have long-time experience of understanding such moments, and in delivering the custom-crafted memorial to satisfy your personal wishes. The rapport we build with our customers at such sad and difficult moments leads many of them to recommend us to others. Read More

Offering important services across a wide geographical area

We provide services for cemetery locations throughout Victoria, as well as in Southern New South Wales and the eastern areas of South Australia. In doing so, we offer an extensive choice of custom memorials, including headstones, personal monuments and bronze plaques created in Geelong.

Delivering a highly personal service

Our experienced team always take the time to fully appreciate your personal requirements for a memorial for your loved one. We can offer practical yet sensitive advice regarding both your choice of memorial and the creation of a memorable yet personal inscription on your loved one’s headstone or memorial. As we offer the level of choice you would expect, we are always striving to meet your wishes while working within your budget.

From careful decision to skilled completion

Once your choice is made, our diligent craftsmen work from the original design, completing both the custom creation and skilled installation of your chosen memorial. We use Australian and imported granite. Our work is covered by an unconditional guarantee of quality; our proven processes always ensure headstone stability and carefully guard against sinkage.

Providing a complete memorial service

Where appropriate, our team can also offer a skilled service in adding inscriptions to existing memorials, we also carry out headstone restoration and repairs in Geelong, for those headstones and memorials that are in need of extra professional care. Our professional service also covers the securing of Cemetery Trust permits and the completion of any other such arrangements necessary for your installation to go ahead.

Taking the first steps towards the erection of the memorial you wish

Our personal service can start with an obligation-free appointment or and a detailed conversation regarding your wishes. Although this often takes place in your own home, and always at a convenient time, we can also meet at the location of the cemetery where your memorial will be placed. This latter option is often favoured when the work involves making careful additions to already-placed memorials.

If you are ready, please allow us to help create a memorable and fitting tribute to your loved one. Contact The Headstone Company team today.

The Headstone Company offers comprehensive services, including guidance:

  • A complete consultancy service from the privacy of your own home.
  • Choosing an appropriate memorial.
  • Advice on headstone inscription.
  • Renovations and additional inscriptions.

The Headstone Company will take care of the details:

  • Cemetery Trust permits and arrangements.
  • Monument designs, manufacturing and installation.
  • we have a complete range of memorials priced to suit any budget or specific individual requirement.

We come to you:

  • We offer obligation free home visits or at your choice of cemetery.
  • We look after your needs for any cemetery in Victoria, Southern NSW and Eastern SA.
  • Inspired by love, remembered in stone

    A memorial is a mark of respect set at the final resting place. Dedicated to a loved one, it is a place to reflect on memories as it becomes a permanent link with generations to come.

  • Personalised monuments styled to your design

    Our design and layout service can tailor and monuments inscription to suit your wishes and offer a full range of design motifs and images. We also provide additional inscription to existing memorials.

  • Guaranteed quality

    Our workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed.  The Headstone Company memorials are manufactured from the finest quality Australian and imported granite. Monuments can be set at any time after burial. The Headstone Company method of site foundation ensures stability of stonework's and is guaranteed against sinking.

With staff that have had many years of experience, you can have absolute confidence in us and our craftsmanship.

Our aim is to provide professional service and advice that helps you to choose a fitting memorial for a loved one.

We believe in fair and honest dealings with families and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality memorial.

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