Headstones made in Geelong, Victoria

A headstone is a traditional grave marker that can be made from materials such as granite, limestone and marble. Headstones can be made into many sizes, colours and styles, often including an inscribed tribute message from the departed’s loved ones.

A beautifully crafted memorial headstone is a great way to show your love and affection for a lost family member. They not only mark their place on Earth for eternity but provide a focal point for you and your family to pay your respects. As one of the leading suppliers of memorials and headstones in Geelong, The Headstone Company can supply a range of respectful and tasteful headstones for you to choose from.

We can arrange for the supply and installation of the following range of headstones and bases throughout Victoria and even interstate upon request:

Small lawn headstone & base

Small lawn headstones are perfect for marking urn sites in all cemeteries. Despite their size, these headstones can be tailored to your specific requirements with a range of shapes available. While the space for messages on these stones is limited we can help you to create a beautiful unique memorial stone using religious iconography or symbols.

Large lawn headstone & base

Large lawn headstones are the traditional memorial for marking gravesites in cemeteries. They are big enough for personalised messages and can be tailored using a range of colours, engravings and mountings. There is a wide choice of large lawn headstone shapes available to suit all budgets with mountings and engravings tailored for each stone.

Grave markers

Grave markers are ideal for cremation memorials. While they may be small and compact, we can still use our creativity to create a unique and beautiful memorial for your loved one. A range of sizes and shapes are available each of which can be customised using messages and iconography.

At the Headstone Company, we design and manufacture all of our stones in-house at our Geelong HQ, this includes our custom grave monuments. Our experts can help you choose the appropriate memorial stone for your site and we can also help you construct a meaningful message to be displayed on the memorial. Stones are carved using a number of techniques depending on the material chosen. We can also arrange for a number of different styles of lettering including the popular gilded type which is long lasting and beautiful, and we are skilled in memorial stone renovations if your loved one’s stone has become tarnished over time.

Once you have selected a stone we also organise all the cemetery trust permits required and arrange for the stone to be professionally installed. The installation method we use prevents the stone from sinking which ensures your memorial remains in perfect condition for many years to come.

As a leading supplier of headstones for graves in Geelong and throughout Victoria, we have a wide selection of memorial stones and the expertise to create and mount a beautifully unique monument for your loved one. So don’t trust the creation of your memorial stone to anyone else.

Looking at getting a loved one’s headstone repaired? We also provide memorial and headstone repairs and restoration in Geelong.