Headstone and monument restorations, repairs and renovations based in Geelong

Leaving anything out in the elements, facing the harsh and changeable weather that we constantly face down under means that there is going to be inevitable wear and tear. But when it comes to old and dilapidated headstones, monuments and memorials, it is important that you stay on top of this damage. We all want to pay respect to our loved ones who have passed, and having a beautiful place we can visit to do this is important.

While the headstones we create in Geelong are made to last, with age every headstone will deteriorate to some extent – the severity will depend on where the headstone has been installed, how it was installed and the type of stone it was made from.

Here at The Headstone Company, we can work wonders with any headstone, monument or memorial. Whether you need to add extra letters, clean down a memorial, refurbish, repaint or re-gild lettering, we can help you to memorialize those you have lost.

For many graves, the headstone is the centre piece. Headstone restoration can give the grave a great new look and provide a beautiful and fitting tribute to someone that you have lost. If it isn’t a whole refurbishment that is needed, but maybe just a small crack or chip that needs fixing, then a headstone repair job can dramatically enhance the overall look of your loved one’s resting place.

For larger monuments that have been around for years, a monument restoration can make it shine and look like new. Similarly, a monument repair can fix the small inconsistencies that can arise, and ensure that the monument looks great for years to come.

Memorials are also prone to damage from the elements. A memorial restoration can really bring out the detail, and make it stand out for years and years. But if the memorial has a small crack or chip, then the integrity of it can be damaged. A memorial repair may be needed so it can withstand the elements and help you to pay respect to your loved ones in an elegant way.

For many people, visiting a headstone, monument or memorial that is dedicated to a loved one that has passed is an important part of their life. So it is crucial that these are kept in a clean and legible state, and free from cracks and chips.

Contact us to find out more about how we can return your loved one’s headstone or memorial to its former glory.