Monuments made in Geelong, available Victoria-wide

A monument is a symbolic structure that can be used to commemorate an event or the life of an individual. A grave monument is typically much larger than a headstone and can take many forms, from a mausoleum to a religious statue.

The Headstone Company have custom monuments that are available in many different styles, with both single and double monuments on offer. At The Headstone Company, our in house team can help you design, engrave, mount and install the following types of monuments.

Single monuments

Single monuments are designed to provide a lasting marker for your loved one’s grave site. Single monuments come in a wide range of shapes and styles, and religious crosses and iconography are popular with this type of stone. Contemporary designs are also available, however. No matter which design you choose, it can be engraved with a personal message along with your loved one’s name and relevant dates.

Single monuments can be supplied in either granite or marble. Granite is more durable than marble which ensures your memorial will stand the test of time. However, marble can be polished to create a softer look, which some people feel is more appropriate for a memorial.

Double monuments made in-house in Geelong

Double monuments are designed to mark two burial plots next to each other. They are typically used to mark the graves of husband and wife but can be used to connect any two family members. Our skilled team of craftsmen can help you design and create a unique monument using marble or granite slabs, with engravings, etchings and inscriptions all done by hand to create a truly unique and beautiful monument.

Double monuments can be carved from a single piece of marble or granite, or two individual monuments can be created and mounted on a single base. There really is no restriction on the type of design you can create. We can show you previous memorials we have created to help you design a truly stunning and respectful memorial.

If you require a triple monument to commemorate the life of multiple family members, please contact us for more information. Triple monuments are possible but require careful planning and consideration to get an effective result.

Once you have settled on a design, the Headstone Company will organise the necessary cemetery trust permits and arrange for the stone to be installed. Because this type of memorial is heavier than other memorials, we mount the stone on solid foundations which ensures stability and protects against shrinkage.

As the leading supplier of graves monuments and headstones in Geelong, Victoria, The Headstone Company have the skills and the expertise to create a beautiful and bespoke monument for your loved one. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you create a monument that they would be proud of.