Custom Headstones and Memorials at Elaine Cemetery

The Headstone Company is proud to offer comprehensive headstone and memorial services at Elaine Cemetery, a serene resting place nestled in the Shire of Moorabool, Victoria. Rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the local community and maintained by a dedicated team of volunteers, Elaine Cemetery provides a peaceful and respectful setting for commemorating your loved ones.

Our services at Elaine Cemetery include:

Custom headstones and memorials

We specialise in crafting bespoke headstones, offering various materials and designs to truly reflect the essence of your loved ones. Whether you prefer classic granite or elegant marble, each piece is meticulously designed to meet your specific wishes.

Inscriptions and engravings

Our skilled artisans provide personalised inscriptions and engravings, allowing families to capture heartfelt messages and epitaphs that honour the memory of the deceased.

Installation and maintenance

We ensure seamless installation of headstones and provide ongoing maintenance services to keep memorials in pristine condition, reflecting our commitment to enduring quality and respect for the deceased.

Restoration services

Recognising the importance of preserving historical legacies, we offer restoration services for aged or weathered headstones, helping to restore their original dignity and reverence.

Unique aspects of Elaine Cemetery

Elaine Cemetery is not only a burial ground but a community symbol, reflecting the local Serbian Orthodox heritage with many traditional practices and customs. The cemetery’s close ties to the St Sava Monastery enrich its cultural significance, making it a unique place of remembrance. Facilities such as the Cemetery Refectory provide spaces for families to gather and reflect, enhancing the communal and supportive atmosphere of the cemetery.

Visiting Elaine Cemetery

The cemetery is open to visitors year-round, offering tranquil indoor and outdoor spaces for reflection and remembrance. With picnic areas and beautiful landscapes, it is a comforting environment for visitors to come and pay their respects.

For more information about our headstone and memorial services at Elaine Cemetery, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us at The Headstone Company.

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