Discover tranquility at Fawkner Memorial Park

Nestled in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Fawkner, the Fawkner Memorial Park stands as a testament to remembrance and peace. Spanning over 113 hectares, this expansive cemetery is not just a place of eternal rest; it’s a sanctuary where memories are cherished, and tranquillity reigns supreme. With its inception in 1906, the park has grown to become one of Australia’s largest cemeteries, offering a serene backdrop for reflection and commemoration.

A heritage of honour and beauty

The meticulously designed landscape, envisioned by Charles Heath, integrates natural beauty with memorialisation. Merlynston and Campbellfield Creeks meander through the grounds, adding to the serene atmosphere. The park’s wide, shady boulevards and ornamental gardens offer a peaceful retreat for visitors. As the first Australian cemetery to introduce public mausolea, including the Holy Family Mausoleum and Holy Angels Mausoleum, Fawkner Memorial Park showcases grandeur and reverence in every corner.

Comprehensive memorial services by The Headstone Company

At The Headstone Company, we understand the importance of creating a lasting tribute to your loved ones. Our services at Fawkner Memorial Park include:

Bronze plaques: Durable and timeless, our bronze plaques are customised to honour your loved ones with elegance.
Custom memorials: From design to installation, we craft memorials that reflect the unique lives they commemorate.
Headstones: Our range of headstones offers diverse styles and materials, ensuring a personal touch for each memorial.
Monuments: With meticulous craftsmanship, we create monuments that stand as a testament to life and legacy.

Fawkner Memorial Park welcomes visitors every day, providing ample opportunity for reflection and remembrance. Whether you’re paying respects, seeking solace, or enjoying the park’s natural beauty, the welcoming atmosphere is palpable. The park’s facilities, including tearooms and chapels, ensure comfort and convenience for all who visit.

Honouring every story

The Headstone Company is committed to honouring the stories of those who rest at Fawkner Memorial Park. Our dedication to craftsmanship and personalisation ensures that every memorial is a profound tribute to a life well-lived. Contact us and let us help you create a lasting legacy at Fawkner Memorial Park, a place where memories are preserved, and peace is ever-present.

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