Honouring heritage at Dandenong Community Cemetery

Dandenong Community Cemetery, steeped in history and rich in cultural diversity, stands as a testament to the evolving narrative of the Dandenong region. From its establishment by five leading residents, including Robert Caldecott Walker and James Smith Lavender, the cemetery has grown into a space that respects and reflects the diverse community it serves.

The cemetery’s origins are deeply rooted in the local community, with its land originally heavily timbered with red gums and parts swampy. Its evolution over the years mirrors the changing face of Dandenong, accommodating various religious and cultural groups, including Russian Orthodox, Druze, Church of Christ, and Non-Sectarian sections.

The early years

The first burial, believed to be an Indigenous Australian who worked for Edward Kirkham, marks the beginning of the cemetery’s long history. The earliest headstones, like that of Benjamin Rossiter from 1858, tell stories of the area’s pioneers.

A century of change

The cemetery has seen significant changes, from the controversial acquisition of land in 1871 to the division into denominational sections in the 1880s, enhancing record-keeping and respect for diverse traditions.

The cemetery today

Dandenong Community Cemetery now boasts a brick office built in 1929 and is home to significant trees, including Monterey pines and mature gums, adding to its serene atmosphere.

Burial options at Dandenong Community Cemetery

At The Headstone Company, we offer a range of burial options at Dandenong Community Cemetery, each tailored to honour the unique lives and preferences of the individuals and families we serve.

Lawn grave –¬†Our lawn graves, with elegant bronze plaques on granite bases, offer a tasteful and simple tribute amidst the beauty of the cemetery’s gardens.

Ornamental lawn graves – These graves, nestled around ornamental trees, provide a natural and unique resting place, blending seamlessly with the landscape.

Headstone lawn grave – Combining the simplicity of a lawn burial with the distinction of a personalised granite headstone, these graves are set amongst established trees, offering a prestigious memorial option.

Monumental graves – Reflecting the cemetery’s diverse heritage, these graves allow for full monuments, often designated by religion or nationality, showcasing rich cultural traditions.

Monumental graves in lawn – A contemporary choice, these graves combine traditional burial with the elegance of a premium garden setting, offering a modern yet respectful memorial option.


At The Headstone Company, we are committed to honouring the rich history and diverse heritage of Dandenong Community Cemetery. Our range of burial options is designed to provide dignified and respectful memorials that resonate with the unique stories of those who rest here. Let us help you create a fitting tribute in this cherished community landmark.

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