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Geelong-based experts in the provision of headstones, custom memorials, bronze plaques and monuments

When you are ready to choose the appropriate memorial for a recently-departed loved one, you’ll expect a discreet, professional, yet empathetic service. Our team, here at The Headstone Company, based in Geelong, have long-time experience of understanding such moments, and in delivering the custom-crafted memorial to satisfy your personal wishes. The rapport we build with our customers at such sad and difficult moments leads many of them to recommend us to others. (more…)


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Renovations & Repairs

SEO Friendly Title: Headstone and monument restorations, repairs and renovations based in Geelong

Leaving anything out in the elements, facing the harsh and changeable weather that we constantly face down under means that there is going to be inevitable wear and tear. But when it comes to old and dilapidated headstones, monuments and memorials, it is important that you stay on top of this damage. We all want to pay respect to our loved ones who have passed, and having a beautiful place we can visit to do this is important.

While the headstones we create in Geelong are made to last, with age every headstone will deteriorate to some extent – the severity will depend on where the headstone has been installed, how it was installed and the type of stone it was made from.

Here at The Headstone Company, we can work wonders with any headstone, monument or memorial. Whether you need to add extra letters, clean down a memorial, refurbish, repaint or re-gild lettering, we can help you to memorialize those you have lost.

For many graves, the headstone is the centre piece. Headstone restoration can give the grave a great new look and provide a beautiful and fitting tribute to someone that you have lost. If it isn’t a whole refurbishment that is needed, but maybe just a small crack or chip that needs fixing, then a headstone repair job can dramatically enhance the overall look of your loved one’s resting place.

For larger monuments that have been around for years, a monument restoration can make it shine and look like new. Similarly, a monument repair can fix the small inconsistencies that can arise, and ensure that the monument looks great for years to come.

Memorials are also prone to damage from the elements. A memorial restoration can really bring out the detail, and make it stand out for years and years. But if the memorial has a small crack or chip, then the integrity of it can be damaged. A memorial repair may be needed so it can withstand the elements and help you to pay respect to your loved ones in an elegant way.

For many people, visiting a headstone, monument or memorial that is dedicated to a loved one that has passed is an important part of their life. So it is crucial that these are kept in a clean and legible state, and free from cracks and chips.

Contact us to find out more about how we can return your loved one’s headstone or memorial to its former glory.

Service Area

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Based in Geelong Victoria, servicing parts of New South Wales & South Australia

The Headstone Company specialises in helping people give their dearly departed the best memorial possible. We offer a comprehensive range of services from headstones to monument restoration, with a service area that includes all of Victoria, plus southern New South Wales and eastern South Australia.

The following locations are a sample of locations we have recently serviced in regional areas:

Bacchus Marsh
Swan Hill

Metropolitan Victoria


If your area isn’t listed, contact us touch to discuss what we can do for you.

A commitment to customer service and satisfaction

The Headstone Company endeavours to make difficult times a little easier. We take the reins and help you plan and create the perfect memorial to suit your loved one. Whether you’re opting for a cremation or burial, we can provide a range of gravestones and memorial plaques, design motifs and inscriptions, and we have the expertise and experience to create memorials from scratch and to your specifications. Additionally, we can also take care of the planning and permits, ensuring that you can spend the time remembering your loved one, not dealing with paperwork.

Discover more about our products and services today

For further information about any of our products and services, contact our team today. Our team will be happy to provide all the information you need to choose the right memorial headstone or bronze plaque for your loved one. The helpful and friendly staff at The Headstone Company have many years of experience, giving us the expertise to offer advice and guidance during this stressful time.

News & Projects

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Keep up to date with the latest news and projects from The Headstone Company. We create unique and special memorials and headstones for clients through Victoria and interstate.


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With staff that have had many years of experience you can have absolute confidence in us and our craftsmanship. Our aim is to provide professional service and advice that helps you to choose a fitting memorial for a loved one. We believe in fair and honest dealings with families and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality memorial.

Our carefully selected team here at The Headstone Company in Geelong, create high quality headstones and bronze plaques for our clients throughout Victoria and beyond. We believe in offering a quietly professional service at a time that we know is just so difficult for you. We never hassle or hurry our clients into making such an important and careful decision; we always allow you both the time and space for the reflection you wish.

When you choose The Headstone Company to provide a lasting memorial for a loved one, you can rely on the compassionate professionalism you should always expect.

An experienced and professional team

Our team is vastly experienced, thoroughly professional, and extremely understanding of the important decision you wish to make. We believe it’s important to offer an obligation-free home consultation at a moment that best suits you.

However, should you prefer that we meet with you at the location of your chosen cemetery, we are always happy to do so. Based in North Geelong, we’re happy to travel anywhere across Victoria, in southern New South Wales or in the eastern part of South Australia.

We offer quality and compassion

We want to help you to take the time to carefully understand the person whom you wish to remember. We will discover exactly how you wish to create a fitting memorial for the beloved person you have recently lost.

Our team will carefully and sympathetically talk through the wide range of possibilities for the creation of a unique, timeless and inspirational memorial; allowing you to make your highly personalised style, motif and image choices with great confidence.

We are committed to offering the highest level of quality matched with a genuine value for money.

A message from James Taravillo

We are dedicated to the delivery of an unmatched level of service. Please know that you can contact me personally at any time to discuss your memorial or to ask any questions. It’s a source of quiet pride to our team that so many people contact us through the recommendation of past clients. We believe this level of trust should be an important factor in your decision to choose The Headstone Company to craft a lasting memorial for someone you have lost but who will never be forgotten.

Contact us at The Headstone Company today.


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Products: Headstones

SEO Friendly Title: Headstones made in Geelong, Victoria

A headstone is a traditional grave marker that can be made from materials such as granite, limestone and marble. Headstones can be made into many sizes, colours and styles, often including an inscribed tribute message from the departed’s loved ones.

A beautifully crafted memorial headstone is a great way to show your love and affection for a lost family member. They not only mark their place on Earth for eternity but provide a focal point for you and your family to pay your respects. As one of the leading suppliers of memorials and headstones in Geelong, The Headstone Company can supply a range of respectful and tasteful headstones for you to choose from.

We can arrange for the supply and installation of the following range of headstones and bases throughout Victoria and even interstate upon request:

Small lawn headstone & base

Small lawn headstones are perfect for marking urn sites in all cemeteries. Despite their size, these headstones can be tailored to your specific requirements with a range of shapes available. While the space for messages on these stones is limited we can help you to create a beautiful unique memorial stone using religious iconography or symbols.

Large lawn headstone & base

Large lawn headstones are the traditional memorial for marking gravesites in cemeteries. They are big enough for personalised messages and can be tailored using a range of colours, engravings and mountings. There is a wide choice of large lawn headstone shapes available to suit all budgets with mountings and engravings tailored for each stone.

Grave markers

Grave markers are ideal for cremation memorials. While they may be small and compact, we can still use our creativity to create a unique and beautiful memorial for your loved one. A range of sizes and shapes are available each of which can be customised using messages and iconography.

At the Headstone Company, we design and manufacture all of our stones in-house at our Geelong HQ, this includes our custom grave monuments. Our experts can help you choose the appropriate memorial stone for your site and we can also help you construct a meaningful message to be displayed on the memorial. Stones are carved using a number of techniques depending on the material chosen. We can also arrange for a number of different styles of lettering including the popular gilded type which is long lasting and beautiful, and we are skilled in memorial stone renovations if your loved one’s stone has become tarnished over time.

Once you have selected a stone we also organise all the cemetery trust permits required and arrange for the stone to be professionally installed. The installation method we use prevents the stone from sinking which ensures your memorial remains in perfect condition for many years to come.

As a leading supplier of headstones for graves in Geelong and throughout Victoria, we have a wide selection of memorial stones and the expertise to create and mount a beautifully unique monument for your loved one. So don’t trust the creation of your memorial stone to anyone else.

Looking at getting a loved one’s headstone repaired? We also provide memorial and headstone repairs and restoration in Geelong.

Products: Bronze Plaques

SEO Friendly Title: Bronze plaques designed in Geelong, for families Victoria-wide

An enduring and timeless commemorative symbol, bronze plaques are commonly used to mark the significance of an event, person or physical structure, including someone’s life, the opening of a building or a historical event. The use of bronze plaques for this purpose dates back to Medieval Europe.

The Headstone Company creates bronze plaques in Geelong that give your loved one a lasting and unique memorial. Bronze plaques can be inscribed with a simple and fitting message on them, and can also include iconography, from a simple cross to a portrait of your loved one.

Commemorate the life of your loved one with our bronze plaques

The Headstone Company makes it easy to remember those who have recently passed. Our range of memorial and cremation plaques can be fully customised to commemorate the life of your loved one. A bronze plaque is perfect for adding the final detail to your loved one’s memorial and giving you the chance to immortalise a little piece of their life with an inscription.

We can take care of all your commemorative plaque needs

We specialise in helping people give their dearly departed the very best grave memorial. Our plaques are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including sculpted burial plaques, book plaques that give you more space to tell your loved one’s story, a variety of background colours, and more. We can perform bronze plaque edits and dual plaques can be updated when a recently deceased individual wishes to share a plot with their loved one who has previously passed away.

An experienced team with comprehensive knowledge and expertise

The Headstone Company has many years of industry experience. This enables us to provide honest advice and guidance to help you make the right choice. We understand that losing a loved one is a stressful time and we endeavour to take care of the entire grave memorial process. Whether you need help with cemetery permits or the design of your memorial, you can rely on our team to make it a simple, smooth process. We aim for professionalism and honesty at all times, ensuring that your recently deceased friend or family member receives the most fitting memorial.

Discover more about what we can do for you by getting in touch

For further information about any of our products and services, contact our team today. We will be happy to answer your questions and queries to ensure you have all the details you need to make your decision. Our helpful and friendly staff are dedicated to customer satisfaction and we work hard to ensure everything goes smoothly. Contact our team today to find out more about our bronze plaques created in Geelong.

Our experienced and talented stonemasons can also create high-quality, bespoke grave monuments and headstones.


Products: Custom Memorials

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong made custom grave memorials

Servicing our clients Victoria wide

Customised grave memorials for your loved one

A custom grave memorial can be a headstone, crypt or mausoleum that has been designed and created based on your wishes.

The Headstone Company specialises in helping your say goodbye and memorialising your loved one perfectly. We offer a complete range of memorial pieces, with something to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes. Our team can personalise your memorial, ensuring it is exactly what you are looking for.

A wide selection of memorial options

Choose from a wide selection of options including:

• Above ground crypts
• Chapel memorials
• Mausoleums

We can also create custom memorials built to your specifications.

Each monument is customised based on the family brief and designed to reflect the personality and preserve the memory of your loved one. We can engrave with your choice of an inscription to create an elegant and meaningful memorial.

Unrivalled experience and expertise to give you peace-of-mind

We have many years of experience and our stone carving is all performed by stonemasons. We can help you with all aspects of the grave memorial process. Our team can start from the beginning and help you choose an affordable and appropriate piece, then provide advice and guidance regarding inscriptions, renovations and alterations.

The Headstone Company will take care of the details, helping relieve the pressure at what is generally a stressful and emotional time. We design, manufacture and install memorials across Victoria, eastern South Australia and southern New South Wales, and regardless of your location, we will take the reins and ensure the correct cemetery trust permits are in place and make the arrangements on your behalf.

Discover more about our services by getting in touch today

For further information about what The Headstone Company can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide all the information you need as you get started on your memorial journey. We’re committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship, combined with a dedication to customer satisfaction. Speak with our helpful and friendly staff, or leave your details in our online contact form and we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as we can.

Our team create a range of custom monuments, including double monuments at our workshop in Geelong.

Products: Monuments

SEO Friendly Title: Monuments made in Geelong, available Victoria-wide

A monument is a symbolic structure that can be used to commemorate an event or the life of an individual. A grave monument is typically much larger than a headstone and can take many forms, from a mausoleum to a religious statue.

The Headstone Company have custom monuments that are available in many different styles, with both single and double monuments on offer. At The Headstone Company, our in house team can help you design, engrave, mount and install the following types of monuments.

Single monuments

Single monuments are designed to provide a lasting marker for your loved one’s grave site. Single monuments come in a wide range of shapes and styles, and religious crosses and iconography are popular with this type of stone. Contemporary designs are also available, however. No matter which design you choose, it can be engraved with a personal message along with your loved one’s name and relevant dates.

Single monuments can be supplied in either granite or marble. Granite is more durable than marble which ensures your memorial will stand the test of time. However, marble can be polished to create a softer look, which some people feel is more appropriate for a memorial.

Double monuments made in-house in Geelong

Double monuments are designed to mark two burial plots next to each other. They are typically used to mark the graves of husband and wife but can be used to connect any two family members. Our skilled team of craftsmen can help you design and create a unique monument using marble or granite slabs, with engravings, etchings and inscriptions all done by hand to create a truly unique and beautiful monument.

Double monuments can be carved from a single piece of marble or granite, or two individual monuments can be created and mounted on a single base. There really is no restriction on the type of design you can create. We can show you previous memorials we have created to help you design a truly stunning and respectful memorial.

If you require a triple monument to commemorate the life of multiple family members, please contact us for more information. Triple monuments are possible but require careful planning and consideration to get an effective result.

Once you have settled on a design, the Headstone Company will organise the necessary cemetery trust permits and arrange for the stone to be installed. Because this type of memorial is heavier than other memorials, we mount the stone on solid foundations which ensures stability and protects against shrinkage.

As the leading supplier of graves monuments and headstones in Geelong, Victoria, The Headstone Company have the skills and the expertise to create a beautiful and bespoke monument for your loved one. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you create a monument that they would be proud of.


Elegant memorial installed in Springvale, Melbourne

Our client was after an elegant custom memorial installed in Springvale in Melbourne’s South East to remember his late wife. The team at the Headstone Company sought to create a unique, timeless memorial that could be a place of remembrance and tribute for the family for decades to come.

We worked with the family to design a unique, dignified memorial that stood out and fulfilled the wishes of her loved ones. After an in-depth consultation with the family, our design team proposed an all polished granite headstone and base in black and grey granite, with a full-length tribute message and appropriate religious iconography.

This custom memorial is was built to last, with a 20 year guarantee that gives the assurance of a lasting resting place for this family’s loved one.

The team at The Headstone Company are experienced stonemasons with a sophisticated and enduring design touch that will ensure you loved one has a memorial that reflects their importance in the lives of their family and friends.

Contact our team to find out more about our custom memorials in Melbourne. We will work with you to ensure your needs and wishes are met during this difficult time.

Melbourne Springvale Headstone Base

Custom crypt memorial installed in Horsham as a lasting tribute

The Da Ros family in Horsham required a custom memorial crypt to be installed at the nearby cemetery.  This job required our team to pour a concrete slab to form the base of the crypt, we used exposed aggregate to create a long-lasting foundation including a concrete slab to be poured in which we used exposed aggregate.

We then delivered and installed an above ground crypt onto the concrete foundation.  We used a combination of emerald pearl, black granite along with gold lettering in this design to create a timeless and elegant place for this family to pay tribute for decades to come.

To create a smooth and shiny finish we used sandblasting, this technique polished off the pearl in the centre enabling us to have an appealing finish and make a feature of the centre cross. From the design process through to the creation of the crypt and the finishing touches, we ensured that we met the wishes of the family and used our skills to bring them a fitting resting place for their loved one.

When it comes to above ground crypts and custom memorials in Horsham, the team at The Headstone Company will create a distinguished and fitting memorial that gives your loved one the ultimate tribute.

Contact our team to find out more about our service.

Horsham custom Monument Crypt
Horsham Monument Crypt

Specially made curved headstone for Geelong cemetery

The team at The Headstone Company recently created a unique, curved headstone in Geelong, specially created to sit on top of a curved concrete beam. This headstone was inscribed with a special message from both the late man’s wife and children, with the use of classic gold lettering and included a special photo of their loved one.

The client wanted a simple, yet classy memorial for her late husband. The headstone and base was curved to fit the concrete beam creating an elegant and sophisticated memorial. The curvature of the headstone and simple design means that the memorial is spacious and not over crowded with inscriptions.

Our high attention to detail allowed us to make sure that all of our client’s wishes were adhered to from the conception of the design to the finished product, which we are extremely proud of.

For more information about our custom headstones created here in Geelong, get in contact with our team. Our respectful and helpful staff will ensure your loved one receives a fitting tribute.

Geelong Headstone Custom
Geelong Headstone Custom